You asked for it and we delivered. Purchase CannSell Expert today and receive CannSell Standard free of charge!

By completing the CannSell Expert + Standard Bundle, you will achieve the mandatory Ontario certification provided by CannSell Standard, and you will join the elite ranks of budtenders in acquiring the in-depth knowledge of cannabis science and retailing offered by CannSell Expert.

The CannSell Expert + Standard Training bundle equips learners with advanced knowledge of cannabis. It is for individuals looking to offer outstanding customer service by providing a thorough understanding of cannabis consumers and products. It takes a deeper dive into topics beyond CannSell Standard Certification, providing key insights into subjects such as cannabis genetics, methods of consumption, and growing practices.

With the CannSell Expert + Standard Bundle, you will learn the following topics and more:

  • History of Cannabis
  • Federal and Provincial Cannabis Regulations and Legal Products
  • Cannabis Anatomy
  • Cannabis Genetics
  • Growing to Packaging
  • Interactions with the Body
  • Cannabis as a Medicine
  • Methods of Consumption
  • General Compliance Obligations and Responsible Sale Guidelines for both Employees and Retail Stores
  • Risks and Harms of Cannabis and Responsible Use

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Price: $385.99