CannSell Expert + Standard Bundle

With the CannSell Expert + Standard Bundle, you will learn the following topics and more:

  • History of Cannabis
  • Federal and Provincial Cannabis Regulations and Legal Products
  • Cannabis Anatomy
  • Cannabis Genetics
  • Growing to Packaging
  • Interactions with the Body
  • Cannabis as a Medicine
  • Methods of Consumption
  • General Compliance Obligations and Responsible Sale Guidelines for both Employees and Retail Stores
  • Risks and Harms of Cannabis and Responsible Use

If you would like to bulk purchase the course, please contact for more information.

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CannSell Standard

CannSell Standard Certification is the only training program approved for legally authorized cannabis retailers in Ontario. Ontario law requires that all employees of cannabis retail stores, store managers, and cannabis retail licence holders must complete the CannSell certification before their first day of work. CannSell was developed by in partnership with MADD Canada.

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